Registration is closed and the field is set for the 2015 LB Lacrosse 7v7. With 32 teams and five divisions we look forward to a exciting day of lacrosse.

LB has partnered with this year to offer our participants real time schedules and scores, which can be found searching LB Lacrosse on the website, or on the Tourney Machine App.

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LB is excited to announce the launch of the LB Lacrosse Academy. Our goal is to create a true learning environment for young lacrosse players that promotes the development of individual skill sets, and knowledge of the game of lacrosse. This Academy will be held annually during the lacrosse off season when there are limited options available to enhance a player's development. Our staff of qualified coaches consisting of former professional players and NCAA Division I and II Coaches will implement drills to enhance a player's individual skill sets while improving their ability to understand and manage unknown or new facets of the game. To ensure that players are receiving quality, individual coaching and instruction, the classes will be limited to 20 players per group.

For more information click here. Registration is open and spots are filling up fast.

Class is in session! Who's ready to learn?

LB Evolution...

Modern day Lacrosse descends from games played by various Native American communities. Dehuntshigwa'es in Onondaga, Danahwah'uwsdi in Eastern Cherokee, Tewaarathon in Mohawk, Baaga'adowe in Ojibwe, and Kabucha in Choctaw. History states that these games began with the ball being tossed into the air and the two sides would swarm for the LOOSE BALL.

Since the first toss, LOOSE BALLS have won and lost Lacrosse games, and defined the careers of some of the best Lacrosse players of our time. 

Gary Gait - 10th All-Time NLL (1,171)

​Brodie Merrill - 6th All-Time NLL (1,494), 1st All-Time MLL (773)

Alex Smith - 1st All-Time NCAA (553)

​Jim Veltman - 1st All-Time NLL (2,417)

Over the last four years, the team who won the LOOSE BALL battle on championship weekend has been crowned the NCAA Division I Champs!

Needless to say, scooping up a LOOSE BALL during a Lacrosse game is no easy task. For those who have played, you understand what we mean. We at LB Lacrosse salute the iron-willed players around the world who are not afraid to sacrafice themselves for their team.

GAME ON! 2015 LB 7v7 Field Set

LB Announces Inaugural Lacrosse Academy


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